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Segredos da Fruta

A delicate arrangement full of flavor. It contains pineapple, two kinds of melon, strawberries and..
R$ 199.00

Basket made especially to share with whom you like. It pineapples, strawberries, melons and two type..
R$ 67.00

If you fell in love with the beauty and sophistication of our Jardiniere, but would like a smaller..
R$ 122.00

In a beautiful ceramic vase, a very different arrangement made with green apple slices  covered..
R$ 115.00

Make a special celebration with St. Paulina basket. Without strawberries and chocolate and coconut c..
R$ 105.00

This arrangement contains selected strawberries covered with our delicious chocolate and some with c..
R$ 99.00

Celebrate Easter with this spectacular arrangement containing pineapple flowers, pineapple bunnies c..
R$ 230.00

Delicious strawberries in a tempting arrangement. Perfect with a chocolate fondue or with a good bot..
R$ 82.00

In a beautiful ceramic mug, a delicate arrangement made with two types of melon, Crimson  grape..
R$ 59.00

Celebrate Christmas with this rich arrangement full of the traditional dried fruits, including app..
R$ 215.00

A touch of chocolate between the refreshing fruit, makes this arrangement the perfect dessert. It ..
R$ 180.00

Delicious strawberries, some dipped in chocolate, and melon skewers form this delicate arrangement, ..
R$ 61.00